STRA Bylaws

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Revised: December 2010
Article 1 Name
  • Section 1 This organization shall be known as the Southampton Township Recreation Association (STRA).   
  • Section 2 This is a nonprofit organization. Any funds or monies received for carrying out the purpose set forth shall not accrue to the benefit of individual members.  
Article 2 The purpose of STRA is as follows:
  • Section 1 To provide recreational programs to the youth of Southampton Township.   
  • Section 2 To provide an opportunity for the residents of Southampton Township to engage in healthful activities   
  • Section 3 To take and hold be it lease, gift, purchase, grant, devise or bequest any property, real or personal, necessary or desirable for attaining the objectives and carrying into effect the purposes of the STRA. Subject, however, to any modification hereinafter made by general law as to the amount of real and personal property to be held by the STRA to transfer and convey its real or personal property.
  • Section 4 To work in conjunction with any other service organizations of the Township of Southampton to promote or further the purposes of the organization.  
Article 3 Membership
  • Section 1 Any family residing in Southampton Township will become a member of the STRA whenever a member of that family has registered for an activity sponsored by STRA within the preceding year. Each family will be entitled to cast one vote at the time of the election of officers of STRA or on the occasions of any amendment to the constitution and bylaws of STRA.  
Article 4 Officers
  • Section 1 There shall be a president, first vice president, second vice president, third vice president, fourth vice president, treasurer, and secretary to be elected as hereinafter provided.   
  • Section 2 Removal of officers Officers may be removed by a vote of a majority of the entire executive committee whenever and officer fails to attend three (3) consecutive STRA meetings or whenever in the opinion of the executive committee, the officer has failed to fulfill and perform the responsibilities of his office. Prior to removing an officer, the officer shall be provided a hearing before the executive committee in order to show cause why he should not be removed.  
Article 5 Amendments
  • Section 1 This constitution may be amended by a two-third vote of the general membership in attendance at a meeting when amendments are to be considered. Notice of the time and place of the meeting must be published in the Burlington County Times or the Central Record at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting. The notice so published shall state that amendments to the constitution and bylaws will be considered at the time and place of the meeting.  
Article 1 Officers
  • Section 1 All officers are to be elected for a two (2) year term by a majority of the general membership present at the annual September meeting.  The office of president, secretary, first vice president, and fourth vice president shall be elected in odd years.  The office of second vice president, third vice president, and treasurer shall be elected in even years.   
  • Section 2 Executive committee The executive committee shall consist of the officers of STRA.   
  • Section 3 Advisory Board to the Executive Committee The Advisory Board to the Executive Committee shall consist of the commissioners appointed to oversee STRA sports and activities.   
  • Section 4 The executive committee shall serve as the Board of Trustees of STRA overseeing the operation and function of its programs and its financial income and expenses.   
  • Section 5 The STRA secretary shall also serve as secretary of the executive committee.   
  • Section 6 In order to conduct business a quorum shall consist of a majority of the members of the executive committee.   
  • Section 7 Vacancies in the executive committee shall be filled by the president of STRA for the unexpired term.  
Article 2 Meetings
  • Section 1 Regular meetings of STRA shall be held the second Tuesday of each month at the Southampton Township Municipal Building, Vincentown, New Jersey. Additional meetings shall be called by the president at his discretion.   
  • Section 2 Executive committee meetings shall be scheduled at the discretion of the president of STRA.  
Article 3 Registration
  • Section 1 Fees Fees for programs are to be determined by the executive committee based on the cost of operating the program. No person shall be denied registration because of the financial inability to pay the registration fee. Any child participating in STRA programs may be required to fulfill the fund raising criteria established by the STRA executive committee.   
  • Section 2 Participation All parents registering their children for activities funded by STRA will be strongly encouraged to lend assistance and support to insure the success of the activity.   
  • Section 3 Age Requirements Eligibility for enrollment on a STRA team shall be determined by the birth date of the participant. The executive committee shall establish the age criteria for each sport.   
  • Section 4 Advancing to higher levels of competition
    • A player must compete at least one year at his/her age level in the sport. In order for a player to advance to the next higher age level the player must receive the recommendation of his prior coach and prior and present commissioner and have parental approval after the parents confer with the executive committee. 
    • Once the approval process has met all of the eligibility criteria, that child will be considered to move to the next higher level. If a child moved up demonstrates an inability to handle being at a higher level the parents, coach, commissioner, or the executive committee based on the recommendation of the coach and commissioner can request the committee to place him on his age level team.   
  • Section 5 Eligibility Only registered players may participate in STRA programs. A player is considered registered with a completed registration form and the applicable fee has been received.  
Article 4 Funding
  • Section 1 The monies available in the STRA fund shall be used to the ends herein stated in Article 2 of the Constitution.   
  • Section 2 All checks shall be endorsed two members of the executive committee.   
  • Section 3 Donors shall have the privilege of specifying the use of monies donated.   
  • Section 4 The executive committee shall have the right to refuse donations.   
  • Section 5 The financial records of the STRA fund shall be audited annually by a committee appointed by the president or by an independent accountant and the report given at the annual February meeting. No member of the executive committee shall serve as auditor.   
  • Section 6 In the event STRA dissolves, all assets will go to the Southampton Township School, strictly for athletics.  
Article 5 Duties of Officers
  • Section 1 The president (1) presides as chairman of the meeting; (2) calls the meeting to order; (3) follows the order of business and enforces the bylaws; (4) repeats clearly all motions under consideration after a member has seconded them; (5) preserves order (6) appoints necessary committees; (7) does not express personal opinions while presiding - hands over gavel when he desires to speak on a question; (8) calls special meetings; (9) appoints commissioners.   
  • Section 2 The first vice president (1) serves in place of the president during his absence; (2) assists the president in executing various tasks; (3) helps to administer and serve committees; (4) acts as presiding officer when the president decides to speak on a motion; (5) assumes the presidency when the office of president becomes vacant until it is filled by an election; (6) is coordinator of the fund raising committees and is responsible for soliciting team sponsorship.   
  • Section 3 The second vice president coordinates the special project committees. The 2nd vice president is also responsible for soliciting team sponsorship. In the event both the president the 1st vice president resign or and are unable to serve the 2 vice president.   
  • Section 4 The third vice president shall serve as chairman of the equipment committee and is responsible for purchasing all program uniforms and equipment. Is also responsible for distribution and collection of program equipment and inventory maintenance.   
  • Section 5 The fourth vice president shall serve as chairman of marketing and is responsible for website maintenance which includes updates to advertising, upcoming events, posting minutes and any social media.   
  • Section 6 The secretary (1) records the minutes of each meeting; (2) records a statement of every motion made; (3) notifies the members of each meeting; (4) records the resolutions passed, along with the numbers for and against.   
  • Section 7 The treasurer (1) collects from fund raising vice president all monies to deposit; (2) pays all bills; (3) presents financial report at each regular monthly meeting (4) informs executive committee of income, expenditures and current balance; (5) prepares and presents budget for presentation to executive committee in September of each year.   
  • Section 8 Commissioners Commissioners shall be appointed by the president for a one (1) year term and shall serve as members of the executive committee advisory committee.  
Article 6 Coaches
  • Section 1 All coaches must be certified by a New Jersey certified instructor in accordance with State Statute. All active coaches must maintain their certifications.   
  • Section 2 All coaching appointments shall be approved by the executive committee.   
  • Section 3 Removal or suspension of coaches will be at the discretion of the STRA executive committee. Prior to the removal or suspension of a coach the executive committee shall provide the coach with an opportunity to show cause why he should not be removed.