Background Check

Southampton Township has passed Ordinance No. 3-19. This requires all volunteers and paid employees for local youth sports organizations undergo a background check once every five years. During the course of the background investigation, STRA will not have access to any coach's personal information. As a result of the background investigation, the NJ State Police will simply notify STRA whether a coach passes or fails.

IdentoGo by Morpho Trust conducts all background checks. As a part of completing the background ivestigation, you must schedule an appointment with IdentoGo (click here to begin) for fingerprinting. You will need the following information:

  • Service Code: 2F1J3Y
  • ORI#: NJ920610Z
  • Contributor's Case #: C12002

Additional information can be found on the background check registration form. 

All coaches must pay $24.05 for the background check at the time of fingerprinting. STRA will reimburse the coaches the full $24.05 after receiving a letter from the State of NJ, Office of the Attorney General with the results of the background check. Reimbursement checks will be processed.