Background Check

Southampton Township has passed Ordinance No. 2012-6. This requires all volunteers and paid employees for local youth sports organizations undergo a background check. During the course of the background investigation, STRA will not have access to any coach's personal information. As a result of the background investigation, the NJ State Police will simply notify STRA whether a coach passes or fails.

IdentoGo by Morpho Trust conducts all background checks. As a part of completing the background ivestigation, you must schedule an appointment with IdentoGo (click here to begin) for fingerprinting. All information to contact and set up an appointment and any additional details of how to complete your background investigation are listed on the background check application form.

All coaches must pay $24.05 for the background check at the time of fingerprinting. STRA will reimburse the coaches the full $24.05 after receiving a letter from the State of NJ, Office of the Attorney General with the results of the background check. Reimbursement checks will be processed.